3rd New Asia Film Festival 2010
1 May 2011
01:15 pm

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July is the Film Appreciation Month in Richmond! »

July is the Film Appreciation Month in Richmond!

We are very excited to announce the initiation of the first Film Appreciation Month in Richmond. This is a community event jointly presented by Richmond Public Library and Cinevolution Media Arts Society. The project is also part of the newborn Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival (July 21-24, 2011).

Throughout July, seminars and workshops on film and digital media arts will be held at the Richmond Public Library.

This event is open to the public of all age groups.

Events & Schedules

(Details will be announced at the beginning of June.

Pre-Festival Seminars (July 4 – July 17)

Introduction of Canadian Films (in English)

Introduction of Chinese Language Films (in English)

In-depth Talk on Chinese Language Films (in Mandarin)

Beyond Bollywood – Introduction of Hindi Films (in English)

Demystify Film – Film Analysis & Appreciation (in English)

Festival Filmmaking Workshops & Forums (July 21 – July 24)

A series of in-depth workshops and forums will be held at various rooms in the Richmond Cultural Centre. Topics include film industry in Canada, digital media development, and

hands-on filmmaking and storytelling training for different age groups.

Post-Festival Film Review Contest (July 25 – July 31)

Participants are encouraged to write film reviews about the films screened at the Festival. Prize will be given to the winner(s).