3rd New Asia Film Festival 2010
25 April 2009
12:25 pm

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Board Directors (2010-2011) »

Team of the Festival in 2009

Festival Director 
    Kirsten Schrader
    Ying Wang

Acting Manager 
   Kim Somerville

   Ying Wang
    Rachel CW Fan

Operation Manager 
    Lynn Chen
    Jeannie Lo

Lynn Chen (Graphic / Brand Designer)
Laurent Saplairoles (Website Manager)
Gary Chen (Website Designer)
Su Jian Ping (Website Coordinator)
Joanna Wang (Flash Ad Designer / Website Coordinator)

Media Relations 
    Rachel CW Fan
      Su Jian Ping
      Richard Ruiqiang     Tang
Yuan Wang

DocuAsia Forum 
    Shuyu Kong (Project Coordinator)

Sponsorship & Development
     William O
  Bo Liu

    Jeannie Lo
    William O
   Joanna Wang

Volunteer Coordinator
     Jeannie Lo
   Yuka Collier

Event Coordinator 
   Helen Qian
   Yawen Wang

Box Office Manager 
   Judy Lo

Language Consultant 
   Bryan Melvin

     Bryan Melvin
   Yuan Wang
   Erica Huang
   Harry Wei He