3rd New Asia Film Festival 2010
7 July 2012
07:38 am

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Exciting Programs at Film Festival – TICKETS & PASSES NOW AVAILABLE !

Dear Cinevolutionaries,

Only 15 days left until the 2012 Your Kontinent: Richmond International Film and Media Arts Festival!

The Festival is organized completely by volunteers. For the past six months, we have been working tirelessly in order to assemble a stunning array of films, performances and audio-visual art pieces for this year’s event. This is YOUR festival, and this is YOUR continent!


Program highlights include 13 feature films from all over the world, first Youth Media Day in Richmond, popular Dim Sum Movie, Digital Carnival, Theatre Under the Sky, multimedia performance, and more…

For more information about this year’s exciting program, please visit our festival website http://ykfestival.ca


Festival tickets are now available for purchase at the Richmond Cultural Centre. Pick them up in person at the front desk or call 604-247-8300. Get single tickets for $8 each, or pick up a 3-day Festival Pass for just $30 and get unlimited access to all regular screenings and performances.


Interested in Arts and Culture? Want to get connected with the local community? Looking for unique volunteer opportunities? The 2012 Your Kontinent Festival is the place for you!

We are seeking general volunteers who will play the role of Ushers, Greeters, Ticket Takers, Food Servers, and Technical Support, as well as specialized volunteers who will act as Docents for our art installations and Tour Guides for our guided art tourts.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Festival July 20-22, please contact Yun-Jou Chang at yunjou.chang@cinevolutionmedia.com, or  complete the online Application Form. All volunteers are required to attend an orientation session on Saturday, July 14. The exact time is to be announced.

15 May 2012
10:20 am

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AGM Notice

Dear all the Cinevolution Members:

First of all, we want to share the exciting news with you. Cinevolution has recently received the City of Richmond’s 2012 Artistic Innovation Award! Our warmest thanks go to all members — we couldn’t have do it without you!

All members are invited to attend Cinevolution’s annual general meeting. Learn more about our exciting programs & events. Official Media Lab launch and special reception to follow. Enjoy a Multimedia Chinese Tea Ceremony, 2012 YK Festival sneak preview, and Richmond Printmakers tour.

Refreshments will be provided.

Time: Sunday May 27, 2pm
Place: Boardroom & Media Lab, Richmond Cultural Centre (7700 Minoru Gate)
Multimedia Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tea Tasting
2012 Your Kontinent Festival Teaser
Official Media Lab Opening
Richmond Printmakers tour

Membership Renewal 

Cinevolution is five years old! In appreciation for our members’ continued support, Cinevolution is offering free membership for 2012-2013. Members will be able to attend festival screenings, participate in year-round events, receive complimentary tickets for our partners’ film-related events, regular newsletter updates, workshop discounts, and access to the Media Lab.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ying Wang at ying@cinevolutionmedia.com.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, May 27.





27 December 2011
02:40 pm

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Holiday Greetings

Dear friend:

2011 has been an incredible year for the Cinevolution. We were the Finalist of the Cultural Leadership Award of the 2011 Richmond Arts Awards, and the successful transition of our annual festival, from New Asia to Your Kontinent, has established us firmly in the community. Without your trust in our shared vision and tremendous support, these could not have been achieved!

Stay tuned to our many new initiatives in the new year, and Your Kontinent: Richmond International Film and Media Arts Festival will be back in July 2012 with an even more innovative and exciting program!

28 June 2011
03:54 pm

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Film Appreciation Month Coming to Richmond Library

Watch it! Film Appreciation Month Coming to Richmond Library

As part of Your Kontinent: Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival, Richmond Public Library is hosting a series of five seminars on film appreciation and film trends in Canada, China and India. The seminars are free and open to the public. They will take place in the 2nd floor administration room at the Brighouse (Main) Branch library, located at 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond.

“All participants will receive discount coupons for tickets to the Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival. Plus two Festival passes for all screenings and performances will be awarded during the prize draws at each seminar,” said the library’s coordinator of multilingual services, Wendy Jang.

To register visit any branch of Richmond public Library, call 604-231-6413 or register online at www.yourlibrary.ca/whatson.cfm. The series is sponsored by Cinevolution Media Arts Society and Richmond Public Library and takes place on the following dates and times:

For more details of the seminar content, please refer to the attachment.

Seminar 1 – Bollywood on Edge – July 5 from 7-8:30 p.m. (English). Program #439

Seminar 2 – From the Mine to the Mall: Daily Life in Contemporary Chinese Cinema – July 6 from 7-8:30 p.m. (English). Program #440

Seminar 3 – What Makes a Film Canadian? – July 10 from 2-4 p.m. (English) Program #441

Seminar 4 – Demystifying Film: What Makes a Film ‘Good”/“Bad”/“Inspiring”/ “Boring”? – July 12 from 7-8:30 p.m. (English). Program #442

Seminar 5 – Blockbuster and Star System: An Insider’s Look at Chinese Film Now – July 13 from 7-8:30 p.m. (in Mandarin). Program #443

There will also be a Film Review Contest judged by Jessica Bradford, award winning writer and director. Just write a review of your favourite film shown at Your Kontinent: Richmond International

Film & Media Arts Festival and send it to filmreviews@yourlibraryca. Deadline for submission is August 8th and the winner will be announced on August 15th. All film reviews will be posted on the Richmond Public Library and Cinevolution Media Arts Society’s web sites.

好消息!列志文圖書館攜手與Cinevolution Media Arts Society 一起舉辦烈治文首个电影欣赏月,从7月5日开始,举办一系列免費电影講座,作為列治文國際電影媒體藝術節的一部分活動。講座者皆為當地大學教授,電影導演。參加者都將得到電影節優惠卷,並有機會獲得電影節的通票的抽獎,得獎者將會在每場講座結束後公佈。

講座地點位於Brighouse (Main) Branch 圖書館二樓的administration room. 地址於: 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond.  報名請撥打 604-231-6413 或置網上註冊www.yourlibrary.ca/whatson.cfm.


講座1- Bollywood on Edge (另類寶萊嵨電影)

日期: 7月5日  時間: 7pm – 8:30pm 語言: 英語  講座號碼: 439

講師 Ken Bryant 為UBC亞州系教授。

講座2 – From the Mine to the Mall: Daily Life in Contemporary Chinese Cinema  (從農村到城市:中國當代電影與中國社會變遷的關係)

日期: 7月6日 時間: 7pm – 8:30pm 語言: 英語 講座號碼: 440

講師Christopher Rea 為UBC亞州系教授。

講座 3 -  What Makes a Film Canadian?  (什麼是加拿大電影?)

日期: 7月10日 時間: 2pm – 4pm 語言: 英語 講座號碼: 441

講師Jessica Bradford是溫哥華知名作家及導演.

講座 4 -  Demystifying Film: What Makes a Film ‘Good”/“Bad”/“Inspiring”/ “Boring”? (解密電影:電影欣賞評論工作坊)

日期: 7月12日 時間: 7pm – 8:30pm 語言: 英語 講座號碼: 442

講師Jessica Bradford是溫哥華知名作家及導演.

講座 5 -  Blockbuster and Star System: An Insider’s Look at Chinese Film Now (中國電影產業現狀和中加電影合作前景)

日期: 7月13日 時間: 7pm – 8:30pm 語言: 普通話 講座號碼: 443

主讲人为孔書玉和譚芷珊。孔書玉女士為SFU教授。譚芷珊女士是多次获奖的加拿大华裔制片人,卑詩省電影協會的委員。 此讲座为普通话。

列治文國際電影媒體藝術節将于7月21日-24日举行。 詳情請查詢網站: www.ykfestival.ca.